Idaho Healthcare Association Annual Meeting

What a great, warm, friendly group!  I love the providers in Idaho.  This was my second time I got to speak to this group.  Last year I spoke on creating a unique culture within your facility/company.  This time it was about the ‘Leading Cause of Death’ of new leaders … monkeys.  It was a fun 60 minutes.  I really enjoy sharing the {monkey business} time management philosophy that completely saved my career.  And, I’m happy to speak to individual companies too.

I’m on my way home from Iowa & Nebraska.  I was there for a couple weeks to assist with the cultural integration of our organization with the acquisition of 9 facilities.  Our approach is not to come in and say ‘you will all be like us and do things the same way.’  Rather, we empower facility leaders to create their own goals, strategy, and vision.  It was a blast to see lights turn on in their faces as the realization hit them that they are more empowered than they have ever been in their careers.

We talk in terms of the three-legged stool: quality product or service, happy customers & employees, and financial stewardship.  Instead of ‘corporate’ people pulling puppet strings, we empower all of our local leaders to totally own their operation.  These guys will do great!

What I wasn’t prepared for was the staggering amount of corn!  Amazing.  Plus, the flooding of the Missouri River.  Crazy.  Some other great discoveries.  I truly loved the heartland.  Looking forward to coming back soon.  Great people.

Idaho Healthcare Association

I thoroughly enjoyed the Idaho Healthcare Association convention in Boise during in  July.

I was invited to speak on how to create your own unique culture within your facility or company.

Thank you to Robert & Jill for the invite and warm welcome.  I was totally impressed with the organization and our colleagues in Idaho … making a difference!

My presentation consisted of a few case studies on the topic.  We discussed what we learned from each and ended with a how-to-map for repeating the steps at your company/facility.

The phrase, “I’m passionate,” is certainly over-used.  Nevertheless, I’m passionate about this topic.  It goes far beyond theory or academics for me.  I’ve seen amazing results from getting serious about owning the culture for myself and for others.  I shared cases at USA Olympic Hockey (The Miracle), The Ensign Group’s (my company) ‘anti-corporate’ office, my most recent facility, and we ran out of time to share the Johnson & Johnson case.  All these cases teach us …

  • The How-To: Pain, Engage, Define, Commit, Flywheel.
  • The culture starts and stops with ‘the’ leader.
  • Cultural transformation requires hard work and pain.  There are no shortcuts.
  • Team chemistry is better than a group of individual all-stars.
  • You have to draw lines in the sand and commit to not cross (or let anyone else cross) that line.
  • Cultural transformation is too-often treated (by the leaders and the employees) like a new program.  Programs fade in 2 to 3 months.  For the transformation to ‘take root’ it must be treated more like a conversion to a new religion.  The most outstanding organizations are those who have a fanatical commitment to their stated culture.
Download presentation PDF here