Dave Sedgwick
Dave Sedgwick

Over the last 15 years I have worked in various capacities for The Ensign Group and CareTrust REIT … as a SNF Administrator in 5 facilities in Arizona (325 beds), California (79 & 99 beds), and Colorado (42 bed, 100% skilled) … as Chief Human Capital Officer, responsible for our Administrator-in-Training program and org-wide culture,as President of Doctors Express (urgent care franchise), as an Operations Resource for skilled nursing facilities, and presently as VP Operations for CareTrust REIT.  I hope to share/learn more about healthcare leadership, change management, quality care, and now investing in healthcare real estate and operators along with you.

I’ve been involved with leadership development from several perspectives:

1) The brand new, first time leader (mostly failures & school of hard knocks)

2) The new leader of a turnaround business (different set of skills needed)

3) Member of the executive management teams

4) Responsible for Leadership Development – assisted in training over 100 individuals to become Nursing Home Administrators.

5) Lifelong student (MBA @ USC’s Marshall School of Business)

Twitter: @dSEDG
email: dsedgwick@CareTrustREIT.com

4 thoughts on “Dave

  1. So happy I found your site! As a mid careerist seeking a career change into the healthcare field, I was wondering if you could revisit the AIT program, focusing on the current environment. I am an MBA degree holder and thirsting for insider knowledge, as it seems recruitment for MBAs & MHAs is quickly on the rise. Thanks for imparting your knowledge and your journey!

    1. Hi Tonya. Glad to share the journey with you. Hope you have great success in skilled nursing. I’ve got your idea on my radar. I’ll post on it soon. I really only intimately know what my company does for AIT programming, but I’ll try to put something together for you. Take care.

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