Dude, cool brochure!

One of the questions I go back to time and time again is ‘what makes us different in the eyes of the community?’  Usually the answers are things that only the staff would know about us.  We’re nice.  We care.  We love our residents.  I push back and ask, ‘what do you think the staff of our competition would say if asked the same question?’  Smiles.  It’s one thing to be different in your own eyes.  It’s quite another thing to be different/better in the eyes of the customer.

How do you differentiate?  The answer should be found in your values and then powerfully, unforgettably, differently communicate those values to your market.  Why does the message have to match the values?  Because brochures, tag lines, etc. come and go.  Think about that.  I find this idea extremely powerful.  Most of us market our expertise, our technology, our service, our benefits, our whatever you find in a brochure.

Very few companies (facilities) market the ‘why’ they exist.  The HIGHEST why they exist as there are, of course, many reasons and levels …

I’m not exactly sure where this came from but what a find!  Imagine yourself speaking to your staff about your values and how you position yourself in your market like Steve Jobs does here in this video.  Love or hate Jobs, why I find this effective is because while he’s justifying and setting up the commercial, he’s doing so much more.  He’s preaching to everyone in that room about how special they are as Apple employees.  He, indirectly, compares all of them to the geniuses shown in the commercial.  He reinforces their value for people who are changing the world … implying that you ought to use a mac to release the genius within.

It works.  It reminds me of another video showing the power of explaining the ‘why’ behind what and how you do to really rally support.  I posted that video here.

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