But WHY!?

One of the puzzles each leader needs to decode is how to get his/her ‘followers’ to passionately & quickly mobilize towards his vision of change.  In other words, how do you get people you’re leading to WANT to do what you want them to do?  Below are two TED talks that try to answer this question.  I find both compelling …

Do you agree or disagree with these principles?

I agree …

To start a movement

  1. Stand Out – To be a lone nut.  To stick your neck out.  BE PASSIONATE.
  2. Nurture your first, most important followers.
  3. Tipping point.  Make it less risky for the skeptics/cynics.
  4. Sell WHY you’re in business or WHY you’re making the changes.  Not the generic, common reasons (to make money), but the virtuous, larger-than-yourself reasons.

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