A leader’s role: MEASURE

Sometimes cliches work.

  • cry like a baby
  • nothing ventured, nothing gained
  • 2 wrongs don’t make a right

When it comes to leadership in healthcare, one cliche (or in this case, several variations of the same theme) is definitely true:

  • What gets measured gets done
  • What gets measured matters (What we don’t, doesn’t)
  • We perform according to how we’re measured

What’s unique about measurement in our context is that it is the LEADER who decides the why, when, how, and what gets measured in their organization.

What you choose to measure (for yourself and for your company) reveals to others who you are whether you like it or not and whether it’s true or not.  Based on your preeminent measurements, what MUST your people believe you care about?  By preeminentmeasurements I mean the ones that really matter.  The ones that really matter are the ones that have a consequence (good or bad) tied to them.

  • What measurements are you using to give bonuses?
  • To award raises?
  • To offer more benefits/freedoms/opportunity/promotions?
  • What measurements costs people their jobs?

I can’t think of anything that undermines your message and vision as much as missing or flawed measurements.  Step back.  Look at how you’re measuring and why.  Are your preeminent measurements consistent with your values and vision?  Are they too one-sided?

It’s a new year.  It’s a great time to re-examine our direction based on our measures.

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